Era II Mod List

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300 Spartans by [Valery]


Heroes 5 maps:

Heroes 4 maps:

Heroes 3 maps:


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Adv Map reminder by [Valery]

Adventure map reminder.

Adds an custom sign which can store a reminder you write your self. Ctrl + left click on adventure map to create one, then right-click on its shadow to see the options. The reminder is passable, rewritable

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Advanced Battle Hints by valery

Advanced Battle Hints.
Mod for Era
Author: Valery

In battle, Ctrl+right-click on any stack to display:

a) the enchantements it has, up to 10
b) The number of retaliations left
c) The number of casts left (ir archangel, faerie dragon)
d) A

Interface Download
Advanced Estates by Valery

Estates Displayed
Author: Valery

To enable this mod, you must have choosen the two options in WoG options:

Estates I
Estates II

Then right-click on sleep/wake icon during the game to dislay your real income from estates Heroes. If no hero

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Advanced Levels by Sagamosa

Advanced Levels

Author: Sagamosa.

Outstanding mod which implements 4 unique advanced levels per every class of heroes. Tons of code and new features. Left click on hero portrait to activate AL menu

NOT COMPATIBLE with any other gameplay

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Adventure Pillars by [Valery]

Adventure Pillars
Author: Valery

The pillars choices of replacement during wogification process will depend on your template (rmg.txt file in your H3 data folder). If your template generates a lot of prisons, for example, select pil

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Alexander the Great by [Valery]


Heroes 5 maps:

Heroes 4 maps:

Heroes 3 maps:


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All for One and One for All by Jim Vogan

Map Name: [All for One and One for All (All41and14all.h3m)]
Map Maker: [Jim Vogan]
E-Mail Address: []

Map Type: [Singleplayer, Era 2 Mod]
Language: [English]

Description: 2 144x144 levels, Single Player, Era 2


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Alpha Objects by valery

Alpha MoD.
Authors: Itsjustme, totkotoriy.

Transparent objects for Heroes III. They must be place on map first.

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Another Rampart by [China]

[ERA] mod

Author: ???? from Chinese wog forums

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Army Management by Valery

Army Management
Author: Valery

Hold Shift + right-click on stack to divide that stack in equal parts
Hold Control + right-click to divide that stack in 1 creature stacks
Hold Alt + LEFT-click to unite all creatures of same ID in on

Interface Download
Artillery Artifacts by Jim Vogan

MOD NAME: "Artillery Artifacts" (demo map "ArtilleryDuel.h3m")

AUTHOR: Jim Vogan


MAP TYPE: Single Player

MAP SIZE: XL (36x36, 1 level)




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Bad Luck by Feanor

Enables bad luck in Battles.

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Battle Poker II by Jim Vogan

MAP NAME: Battle Poker 2

AUTHOR: Jim Vogan


MAP TYPE: singleplayer or multiplayer humans or computer

MAP SIZE: small,without underground




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BattleHeroes by [Algor]

Author: Algor

HoMMIII conversion. You start with commander and play a card game, each card offering various bonuses, spells, creatures, artifacts etc. A mx of fun for short games. Use the maps coming with the mod.

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BattleHeroes-Extras by [Valery]

Adds 20 different commander graphics to Algor's mod BattleHeroes.

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Bigger Spellbook by Master of Puppets

Bigger Spellbook
Author: Master of Puppets

Description: bigger spellbook, more spells per page, more rows.

Interface Download
Bounty Hunter by Valery

Bounty Hunter
Author: Valery

How to visit Janice: click on the custom button below minimap.

Description: Every week, Janice the Clerk will ask you to defeat a particular monster. More groups of that monster you defeat that week, better the rew

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Bubble Arrows by FallenAngel

Bubble Arrows
(Author: FallenAngel. New-style movement arrows)

Graphics Download
Chaser by Woodmelon

Author: Woodmelon (China)
English translation: EMPShockwave
Era conversion, script fixes and various ideas: Valery

Description: if you played and enjoyed The Dragon Slaughter, then you will enjoy this as well. Chaser is an amazing scenar

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Colored beams by Feanor

Colored beams
Author: Feanor/OxFea

Description: mages and beholders shot colored rays

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Command Points by Fnord, Jim Vogan

Command Points by Fnord, modifications by JmV

This script limits the number of troops that a single hero can take into battle. The main goal is to require players to spread out their army, rather than using the tried-and-true (but somewhat bori

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Composed objects and NPC by Valery

Composed objects and NPC

Era mod. Object are extracted and re-worked with 3DS max, from various games. All objects are BLANK, it means they need scripting to work. They can also be used as decorative objects. NPC's are all animated.
There are 3 m

Graphics Download
Conquistador by [Valery]

*****************CONQUISTADOR 3 Leaders*******************

ERA mod, by Valery
Updated 25.7.2015

Contains: Better AI mod, Find me mod and Builder mod.

*****BETTER AI********

This mod will provide better game play on random maps (prefera

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Covenant by [Kegolo]

Unpack into heroes folder, merge and writeover anything that is duplicated.

There's a folder called covenant replaced in the backup folder that has copies of the original files that are modifies which are:
script24,39,67 and corresponding ert fil

Towns Download
Creature defs Axolotl by Axolotl

100 creatures by Axolotl (original and extracted from other games)

Utilities Download
Creature defs Itsjustme by Itsjustme/Etoprostoya

584 creatures extracted from various games.
Author: Itsjutme/Etoprostoya

Utilities Download
Creature defs Valery by Valery

Creatures extratcted with 3Ds max from various games. Has also both portraits.
Author: Valery

Utilities Download
Crozius Arcanum by Jim Vogan

MOD NAME: "Crozius Arcanum" (Demo Map "Croszius Duel.h3m", Map Name "Crozius (Solmyr's Revenge)")

AUTHOR: Jim Vogan


MAP TYPE: Single Player

MAP SIZE: XL (36x36, 1 level)


Scenarios Download
Daily quick save by Berserker, Valery

Daily autosave.

This is the era quick save script, modified to perform a daily save, which will be kept.
Originally, Era quick save script saved every day of the week, then overwrite corresponding saves on next week and so on. If game crashed,

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Darkened Players by Grayface

Written by Grayface

This mod darkens team colors, the difference is only visual.

Graphics Download
Deadlift by Doc Sumann


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Delete Prisons by Valery, Igrik

Delete prisons

Author: Valery, Igrik

To be used only on random generated maps. It will delete all prisons on first day, replace them with windmills then reset all prisoners to initial level, experience, stats, skills and movement.

Gameplay Download
Disable Autosave by artu

Disables autosave. You can use this if you have Wog Revised on and you still want to prevent autosaving.

Gameplay Download
Display Events by Valery

Press F6 to display events. A second press will toggle the events.

Interface Download
Disposable Spell-Scrolls by Valery


Author: Valery

Adds a new button in Hero Screen. Allow copying spells from scrolls to your magic book.
The scroll will vanish afterwards. Only heroes with Expert Wisdom master the magic of transmuting spell

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Dragon Lord II (V1.2) by Lionel

This map is a customized WOG version of the SOD version. The map runs under ERA 2.46
with the WOG mod & New Objects Patch (1.09) mod enabled. The Wog version is quite similar
to the SOD version, but there are some significant game design changes &

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Dragon Peaks by Jim Vogan

Dragon peaks
Author: Jim Vogan

This mod adds a new town, "Dragon Peak", via wogification under Era 2.3. The town is slightly similar to a Heroes II Dragon City, in that you have to fight dragons to win it, and it produces dragons weekly and 1000

Towns Download
Dream Quest of Lost Kadath by jim Vogan

Map Name: [Dream Quest of Lost Kadath (DQKadath.h3m)]
Map Maker: [Jim Vogan]
E-Mail Address: []

Map Type: [Singleplayer, Era 2 Mod]
Language: [English]

Description: 2 144x144 levels, Single Player, Era 2


Scenarios Download
Drop War Machines by Valery

In Hero screen, press Ctrl key and right-click on war machines to drop them. Same option is present in wog revised, so be sure to have only one of them activated.

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Dtnmang portraits by dtnmang

dtnmang portraits
Author: dtnmang

New heroes portraits

Graphics Download
Eisenhorn by Jim Vogan

Map Name: [Eisenhorn (Eisenhorn1.h3m, Eisenhorn2.h3m, and Eisenhorn3.h3m)]
Map Maker: [Jim Vogan]
E-Mail Address: []

Map Type: [Singleplayer, Era 2 Mod]
Language: [English]

Description: Four 144x144 levels, Singl

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Empire of the World III by Valery

Map Name: [The Empire of the World III]
Version: [2.1]
Map Maker: [Valery Rogacev aka Salamandre]
E-Mail Address: []

Map Type: [Singleplayer] [1 Human Only, 7 Computer Only]
Language: [English ]

Description: Extra L

Scenarios Download
Era scripts 1.13 by Algor

Many custom scripts for Era.
Author: Algor

Gameplay Download
Fairy Town by Buchazaraus

Fairy Town
Author: Buchazaraus

Only town graphics. Replaces necro. Needs creaturs to fit the design.

Towns Download
Fast Battle Animation by Berserker

Speeds-up stacks animation in battle and shortens many spell sounds.

Gameplay Download
Fred Objects by Fred

Author: Fred
Description: tons of nice objects for Era. They are empty and must be first placed on map then scripted.

Graphics Download
Giant Titan by exx

Giant Titan

made by exx

Graphics Download
Glory of War by Hero of Light

The Glory of War (a Hero of Light mod)
v1.0 (25th December 2014)


-> New creatures

-> New Conflux lineup

-> New artifacts

-> New campaigns

-> New heroes and hero specialties

-> No WoG obligatory options


Gameplay Download
Grove Town by New Grove Team

Grove Town
Lead Designer:

New Dragon


Description: Replaces fortress town with Grove

Towns Download
Halflings Town by Vlaad

HALFLING TOWN, ERM script v0.9 (temporary script name: script83)

1. features
2. installation
3. uninstallation
4. credits

- 17 new heroes (replacing Rampart heroes)
- Mystic Pond produces 3-6 Rocs a week
- Rampart creatures re

Towns Download
Hero Advanced Level Up by [igrik]

Mod "Advanced learning of secondary skills"

Cheats Download
Heroes 2 Objects by gnollking

heroes 2 objects
Author: gnollking

beautiful objects extracted from Heroes II.

Graphics Download
Heroes Chronicles (only russian) by AKUHAK

Scenarios Download
Heroes II messengers by geNNadiy


created by: geNNadiy

Description: replaces Heroes III messengers by Heroes II ones.

Graphics Download
Heroes Renovated by artu

Heroes Renovated

by artu

Special thanks to JimV, Salamandre and Hero of Light for their help and assistance.

Of the 156 Heroes 40 have new specialties and 23 start with different secondary skills. This mod is basically designed to get rid

Gameplay Download
Heroes Without Limits by Felipe Lima de Medeiros

Heroes Without Limits

- More than 55 new creatures
- New objects
- New resources
- Some garnish like fish, buttlerfly...
- Some scripts modified to a better game

Gameplay Download
Heroines by Zbigniew

(Author: Zbigniew. Beautiful commanders from Heroes 4)

Graphics Download
Hms Improved by [valery, baratorch, bersy, igrik, jimV, MoP]

Heroes Meeting Screen, Improved Interface.
December 2013.
Updated 28 july 2014 with Igrik's fix
Updated 31 mars 2015, hold shift key+right-click to move artifacts from one hero's backpack to the other hero (similar to HD mod)
Now artifacts do no

Interface Download
HoL v3.2 Tales of Amadar by Hero of Light

Hero_of_Light mod v3.2

Here are the obligatory (and recommended) WOG options if you want to choose them manually:
[NOTE: These options are forced by HoL's script regardless your wog settings]

The obligatory options are:
1)Neutral Town must be

Gameplay Download
Hota Fonts by Hota


Interface Download
Hota objects by Valery

169 extracted objects from HotA by Valery
66 objects by Astaroth and FcsT1

**Located in Treasures column**

Graphics Download
Human Castle by Bisik

Human Castle
Author: Bisik

Replaces Castle town.

Towns Download
Ice Arrow by Doc Sumann

Map Name: [Ice Arrow]
Map Maker:[DoC Sumann]
E-Mail Address:[]

Map Type: [Singleplayer] [1Human Only, 7 Computer Only]
Language: [English ]

Description:XL, Impossible level, Single Player

"After conquering

Scenarios Download
Invite tavern by hzworld

Special Tavern mod for Era.

Author: hzworld
Spelling and erm update: Valery

To activate the special tavern, left-click on tavern while hold Ctrl key down. Right-click on any hero portrait to get his/her name (in case other portraits packs are

Cheats Download
King in Yellow by Jim Vogan

Map Name: [The King In Yellow (FantMap1.h3m)]
Map Maker: [Jim Vogan]
E-Mail Address: []

Map Type: [Singleplayer, Era 2 Mod]
Language: [English]

Description: XL, Single Player, Era 2

Download Link: https://www

Scenarios Download
Mage Chest by Feanor, Axolotl

Mage Chests.
Authors: Feanor, Axolotl

Description: Chests containing artifacts have now new layout.

Cheats Download
Map advanced Infos by [Valery]

Author: Valery
version: 1.1

The mod works as bonified sorcery skill from wog, + much more infos, while mod can be used as stand alone or in combinations with scenarios not using Wog mod. Right-click on map adv

Cheats Download
Master of Craft by Valery

Master of Craft
Author: Valery

Ctrl+left-click on artifacts from backpack
Ctrl+left-click on ammo cart or Ballista
Shit+left-clik on artifacts in backpack to change craft outcome from resourc

Cheats Download
Masters of Summoning by Valery

Masters of Summoning
Author: Valery
Requires: Era II 2.46 or higher

Allow your heroes to summon any creature, depending on their magic schools expertise, their spell power, their class and their artefacts.


Summon eleme

Cheats Download
Mentoring by Valery

Mentor mod. 1.5 version
Author: Valery
Description: allows sharing experience, primary skills and movement bonuses between heroes.

Instructions: in Heroes meeting screen, click on:

1) if HD mod activated, quest log in left hero screen
2) i

Cheats Download
Mithril Smelter by Valery

Adds a new object to the game, the mithril smelter. Once visited, it will produce daily mithril bars.

Requires WoG Revised mod and priority over it. Replaces forgotten shrines option with mithril mine. Gives daily 1/2/3 mithril bars, according to

Gameplay Download
Morn battlefields by valery


Era mod.
Author: Valery

Adds 125 beautiful battlefields made by Morn.
It will disable new battlefields script if active.

Graphics Download
My settings by


My personal mods Download
NPC's by Valery

Non player controlled characters, to use for mapmaking and quests diversity

Graphics Download
Neutrals split by [Valery]

Neutrals split.
Era mod.
Author: Valery
Thanks: AlexSpl, Kicferk

Right-click on neutrals to find out how they will split in battle, and if there is upgraded stack.

Gold: Monster acts normal.
Green: Monster will join.
Red: Monster never joi

Cheats Download
New Commanders by Valery, Etoprostoya

New Commanders graphics.
Authors: Valery, Etoprostoya

Replaces all commanders with new graphics.

Graphics Download
New Interface by Interface team

New Interface


BJ (we use some resource from him)
Morn (we use some resource from him)

Replaces Heroes Interface

Graphics Download
New Objects patch v1.09 by Multiple

new objects patch v1.09.

Authors: multiple (see xls document)
Objects are empty and need scripting.

Graphics Download
New Rampart Interface by FCst1, Morn and NI team

New Rampart
Authors: FCst1, Morn and NI team
Description: Modified Rampart screens, heroes and 1 creature

Towns Download
New Upgrades by Acid Dragon

************** New Upgrades Patch ************
***************** version: 1.0 ***************

1. What the Kreegan hell is this? (Introduction)

The patch has one main goal: to give every town in the ga

Gameplay Download
New Year Mod (russian only) by Russian Team

(Author: russian team. Language: Russian. One campaign + 2 maps on the new year theme)

Scenarios Download
New difficulty buttons by geNNadiy

New difficulty buttons

Replaces the difficulty buttons graphics.

Graphics Download
New music Pack by Danza

Author: DANZA. Replaces all Heroes3 mp3 music with samples from other games)

Other Download
New sounds pack by Danza

New sounds pack
Author: DANZA. Replaces many interface and battle sounds

Other Download
New_Terrains by [Itsjustme/Etoprostoya]

New Terrains
Era mod
Author: Etoprostoya aka Itsjustme

Changes the regular terrains outfit. Compatible with everything.

Graphics Download
Original Interface by AKUHAK

This mod brings back SoD/Complete original interface and campaignes. Wog Options are still available.

Author: AKUHAK.

Gameplay Download
Original WoG chests by artu

Description: brings back the original wog chests (offer resource OR skills)

-The one that advances a secondary skill to expert takes a week to do so.
-The one that gives you resources or a primary skill forces you to choose only one.

Gameplay Download
Overflow_Fix by [Valery]

Mod for Era.
Author: Valery

This mod will allow to fix two of most annoying bugs in H3: stats overflow and creatures experience overflow.

An army slot will be automatically (when you open hero screen) set to rank 10 if the prog

Interface Download
Phoenix Mod by Berserker, Bes

Phoenix Mod 3.61
Author: Berserker and Bes. Complex mod with a lot of gameplay changes

Gameplay Download
Portraits manager NEW fonts by Berserker, Bes

Portraits manager.

Description: allows giving custom portraits selected from 8 categories to your hero. Has new fonts and all messages in game will display with these fonts. Use the other version if need original fonts.

Graphics Download
Portraits manager Original fonts by Berserker, Bes

Portraits manager.

Description: allows giving custom portraits selected from 8 categories to your hero. Original fonts.

Graphics Download
Random Skins by Ivorrus, Bes, bersy

Random skin by Iv
Mod changes backgrounds in select map window (renew every time you restart Heroes), load screen (renew every time you load game) and minimap shield.

Plugin development - Berserker
Pictures - Raphael Lacoste, Kazumasa Uchio and

Graphics Download
Random neutral heroes by Algor, Iv

Script replaces WoG-option 72 "Random Hero" by Bonizag

There are 10/20/30/40/50% of neutral monsters get random neutral hero who will fight against human player. Amount of neutral hero depends on the difficulty level. Neutral hero does fight again

Gameplay Download
Reinforcements spell by Master of puppets & Algor

Reinforcements spell replaces Disguise. Hero can summon garrison troops to his army.

Cheats Download
Rename town by valery

Rename town

Mod for Era
Author: Valery

Adds 8 small buttons in town screen, allowing to use 8 various colors when renaming a town.

Interface Download
Resolve Battle by Valery, Bersy

(Author: Valery & Berserker)

Click on auto-combat icon to instantly finish the battle. Wog Revised has same script on/off so make sure you don't enable both when having Wog revised mod enabled. Only one.

Gameplay Download
Retirement by Unknown


1. General description
This is a sequel of Queen Cathrins Armaggedon Blade war. All is over, and she's gonna retire,
together with Roland (as was the last message in AB). They have a small town near the Dejan
border and some little

Scenarios Download
Revisitable Cartographers by Valery

Revisitable Cartographers by Salamandre and JimV

This mod resets the cartographers in the beginning of each month and allows you to revisit them for the price of 1000 gold.

Cheats Download
Road to Victory by Shizue Karyan


Heroes 6 maps:

Heroes 5 maps:

Heroes 4 maps:

Heroes 3 maps:

Scenarios Download
Safe SoD by Valery

********SoD mod by Valery**********

* This mod purpose is to allow safe and limited wogifying of SoD maps without changing the gameplay.

* WoG graphics were reverted to Vanilla. SoD campaigns are now available.

* Allow wogify if asked.


Platforms Download
Sand Tower by totkotoriy

Sand Tower
Author: totkotoriy

Changes the tower background to sand.

Towns Download
Secondary Skills Scrolling by Berserker

Adds scrolling arrows to hero screen dialog, allowing to scroll between up to 28 secondary skills.

Interface Download
Seers uncovered by gamecreator, Valery

Seers uncovered.
Authors: Gamecreator, Valery

Description: gives complete infos about all seer huts, border guards, quest guards and keymaster tents.
Uses new receiver QU (gamecreator courtesy).

Instructions: right-click on quests log. Seer h

Interface Download
Select your Battlefield by [Valery]

Select your Battlefield.
Author: Valery

In battle, press F1 to display dialog with special terrains choice.
Clicking on dices button will exit the dialog and a random battlefield will be selected.
They KEY choice can be changed in Battlefields

Cheats Download
Smuggler's hideout (random maps) by artu

Smuggler's Hideout by solitaire345

Modified for random map play by Artu

IMPORTANT!!! Wog Revised must be enabled and B

Gameplay Download
Smugglers Hideout by Solitaire

Description: adds a new object to the map.
Lets you trade creatures with artifacts and vice versa.
I modified it for random map play, there are two alternate versions, one replaces Junk Merchant, the other Adventure Cave. You can install them both

Gameplay Download
Snow Castle by Nein

This mod replaces the town graphics of the castle with snow climate. The buildings are all the same.

Towns Download
Spells Uncovered by Valery

Spells Uncovered
Author: Valery

Displays damage/effect values for:

; fire wall
; land mine
; fire elemental
; hypnotize
; air elemental
; Water elemental
; animate dead
; resurrection
; earth elemental
; cure

Interface Download
Stargate Atlantis by Valery

Stargate Atlantis
map-scenario for Era
Author: Valery

Total Conversion of Heroes III to Stargate Atlantis environement. If you are fan of the TV show, you will be pleased.
Enable the music :)

Recommended mods to be enbled with Sga:


Scenarios Download
Striker portraits by Striker

This mod replaces all portraits by custom ones done by StrikerX,

Updated April 11th, 2013.

You can see the overview of the new portraits in main mod folder as jpg files.

Graphics Download
Succession Wars by SW team

Succession Wars
Authors: kalu, kivo, orzie

Total conversion to Heroes II, both graphical and mechanics. Work in progress.

Gameplay Download
Super Straker by Feanor

Super Straker
Author: Feanor/oxFea

Description: Straker necromancy raises zombies instead of skeletons.

Cheats Download
Sword of Fury by Jim Vogan

Map Name: [Sword of Fury]
Map Maker: [Jim Vogan]
E-Mail Address: []

Map Type: [Singleplayer, Era 2 Mod]
Language: [English]

Description: 2 144x144 levels, Single Player, Era 2

Download Link:

Scenarios Download
Tavern Videos (only russian) by Feanor

Tavern Videos
Author: Feanor
Adds new videos to taverns. Language: russian.

Graphics Download
The Dragon Slaughter by Woodmelon

The Dragon Slaughter
Author: Woodmelon
English Translation: Valery and Jim Vogan

TDS Hints:

1) The four orbs quest:

a) Orb of fire: visit all the fire poles once you are level 40 and higher.
b) Orb of earth: Kill Adrienne in the Morras c

Scenarios Download
The Empire of the World II ERA edition by Stephan Kispalko

Era edition by Valery

Scenarios Download
The Empire of the World IV by Valery


A Heroes of Might and Magic III Wake of Gods scenario.

Required WoG version: ERA II ONLY

For those who would try to open the map, the path is MODS/TEW IV/Maps

Map Type: [Singleplayer] [1 Human Only, 7 Compute

Scenarios Download
The Grand Manoeuvre by berserker

The Grand Manoeuvre
(Author: Berserker. Grand Elves can now carry out a manoeuvre: make a 1 hex move and then shoot with a singular shot)

Cheats Download
The Swords of Night and Day by Jim Vogan

MAP NAME: "The Swords of Night and Day" (filename "SwordsOfNightAndDay.h3m")

AUTHOR: Jim Vogan


MAP TYPE: Single Player

MAP SIZE: XL (144x144),with underground



Scenarios Download
Time of Prophecy by Valery


Heroes 5 maps:

Heroes 4 maps:

Heroes 3 maps:


Scenarios Download
Trainer by [Valery]

Trainer mod
Requires: Era.
Author: Valery

Press F2 (or choose another key in trainer.ini) to display trainer options. (before game)
If Trainer mod is loaded during a game, the key by DEFAULT will be F2.

Press F6 to enable/disable terrain sca

Cheats Download
Training Facility by Fnord

This script enhances Schools of War when Stack Experience is enabled, allowing them to be used to train troops for gold.

Cheats Download
Turbo WoG by Valery, Sav

Turbo WoG

Plugin by Sav
Sounds modified by Valery

Greatly increase adventure map and battle speed. Please disable fast animation mod when running Turbo WoG.

Gameplay Download
Ultima Objects by Etoprostoya

Ultima Objects
Author: Etoprostoya

Description: empty objects from Ultima Game.

Graphics Download
Undead Ghosts by Unknown

Ghosts become undead creatures.
You can cast Animate Dead on them (not if they suck life first and reproduce), they lower t

Cheats Download
Underground fixed by Feanor

Underground fixed
Author: Feanor/oxFea

Description: Underground battles are now taking place on the correct terrain (previously it was only underground, no matter what terrain mapmaker designed)

Gameplay Download
Unhotify by Bersy

Author: Berserker. Removes Hota's elements from Era (pikeman/halberdier, orcs graphics etc). Fix by Draker

Graphics Download
Unmounted Heroes by Valery

Unmounted Heroes
Author: Valery

Heroes from all faction ate their horse and now are...on feet.
World of Warcraft models.

Graphics Download
Upgradable Silos by Valery

Upgradable silos
Author: Valery
Each town silo produces 1 ore & 1 wood + 1 of the special resource asked for level 7 creature
Each silo can be upgraded every week, and will produce +1 of the special resource
Each silo can be right or l

Cheats Download
Upgrade ALL by valery


Author: Valery

*adds one custom button in town screen-- Upgrades all creatures at once.
*works also with custom creatures line-up mods

Interface Download
Upgraded Troops by Fnord

Upgraded Troops, Fnord's script repacked for Era

Only upgraded creatures will be available for Heroes to recruit at town and external dwellings, and all heroes will start with upgraded troops.
Furthermore, Creature Banks, Pandora's Boxes and l

Cheats Download
Usain Bolt by valery

Usain Bolt
Mod for Era
Author: Valery

This mod adds extra mobility to human player's victorious heroes. More battles they win, further they will travel each turn.

Usain.ini file holds the values for both number of battles required and how fa

Gameplay Download
Vallex portraits by Vallex

Vallex portraits
Author: Vallex

Description: new heroes portraits

Graphics Download
Various Pandora boxes by feanor

Various Pandora boxes
Mod for Era
Author: feanor

Pandora boxes will have different graphics, according to what they offer (spells, experience, creatures or gold).

Note: Sometimes (rare) a Pandora will be empty, this is game bug.

Cheats Download
Voodoo harpies by Feanor

Voodoo harpies
Author: Feanor/Oxfea

Description: sometimes, the harpies do a voodoo attack. Try to see:)

Gameplay Download
Warcraft Tribute by Onurb

Please visit

Tribute to Warcraft by Onurb

This map is a tribute to the fabulous game Warcraft II made by Blizzard Entertainment. This map is designed

Scenarios Download
WoG PLUS by majaczek

enable after WoG Revised

Contains these mods
Training Facility
SU Patch
Better Dungeon of dragonmaster
Big Spell Book
Reinforcements spell
Mithril Smelter
Smuggler's Hideout (JM)
Resolve battle
Reinforcements spel

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WoG Revised by Valery, Berserker

This mod removes or fixes all bugged scripts from Era and replaces them with other options. A few ones were replaced because (IMO) they were decorative only and without any improvement to the game-play.

Changes in WoG 3.58 scripts:

[+] Henchman

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WoG animated trees - No flashing trees by Hyppox89

WoG animated trees - No flashing trees
modification by hippox89

Description: removes(fixes) the flashing effect from wog animated trees.

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XXL by AlexSpl


Author: AlexSpl. Adds XXL maps support (252x252)

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Yona by Berserker

New abilities:
pikemen (double damage to cavalry);
marksmen (aimed shot - ESC to switch to targeting mode. 300% damage at targeted hex)
cavaliers (20% damage bonus per hex);
swordsmen (ignore 50% of physical damage in defense state);

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Your custom skin by bes

a PSD-template for creating your game skin..
Author: Bes

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